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Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 饱受 — bǎoshòu [fully exposed to; suffer enough from] 屡次遭受; 充分经受 饱受冷遇 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • PRC internal media — The Chinese internal document system protects China’s officials from being blinded by their own elaborate system of media control. As He Qinglian documents in chapter four of Media Control in China [… …   Wikipedia

  • 保守 — I bǎoshǒu (1) [keep]∶保存守护 保守国家机密 (2) [protect; keep in store]∶保护; 保藏 保守胎根 II bǎoshǒu (1) [conservative] 守旧; 维持原状, 不想改进 惟留恋也故保守。 清·梁启超《饮冰室合集·文集》 (2) 也指思想跟不上形势的发展 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 旱涝保收 — hànlào bǎoshōu [ensure stable yields despite drought or excessive rain] 指土地灌溉及排水情况良好, 不论天旱或多雨, 都能得到好收成。 泛指获利有保证的事情 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

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